About Us


Modify or Die is a podcast about gaming! We will talk about board games, pen and paper RPGs and video games. Anything game’y and it’s up for discussion. We do 2 weekly podcasts, one about a weekly topic we come up with surrounding all types of gaming and another reviewing games (almost exclusively board games here). Sadly, recently my co-host Antonio decided he no longer wished to do the podcast so we have started season 2. This season there will be more guest hosts, more reviews for stuff and just as much fun! Now for a little about the hosts that you will hear from this season!

Chris started with video games in the 90’s as well. His board gaming career didn’t take nearly as much time to take hold. Slowly over the years he has accrued many, many games. He has worked hard to be a boon to his friends in terms of knowledge of each of them and more. Chris took the time to specialize in war games for long enough to become extremely proficient, even participating in tournaments on a regular basis (it remains to be seen if he won any of them :P).  He worked for several different game companies for a total of 8 years, playing all along the way.

From all of this experience Chris has realized his addiction and made use of it. All of the time spend in video games, board games and war games has paid off in a big way, he’s had a ton of fun!


This is us and our basic background of nerd-dom for games. We have started this website, youtube and podcast out of passion for the lifestyle. As well as to hopefully start a community of people who think the same way and want to have a place to go on the internet to share in the fun.