Lost episodes

Hey everyone,

So this week we will be missing the recording of the live episode from Friday night, I moved the next day and apparently had some issues with the recording that night that I did not find out about until today because of moving, if I had found out I would have done a replacement episode.

Since Antonio left this show things have been a little hectic in my life on top of him leaving the show so it’s been a little nuts for the podcast because of that. I have moved into a new house, my whole family (including dog) got sick in the middle of it all and my co-host quit the show. It’s been…..a lot.

However, I hope that I have not lost any fans over this last month and I promise that now that I am moved back in things are going to get back to normal! I am hoping to have plenty of reviews and weekly live episodes in the future.

I want to say I’m sorry and thank you for sticking around through this rough patch if you have!

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