WoW 7.0 review

This week instead of a normal board game review we do a review of WoW Patch 7.0 with guest host Serena! We are going to do one of these for each patch (as long as we are playing this expansion) just before the newer patch comes out. With Patch 7.1 […]

Episode 71: Guest favorites

This week I have Tom and Steve on again and we discuss their favorite games. We did this live as part of my friday night gaming stream and while recording I played some WoW so that was lots of fun! I do have to give a warning here that this […]

Steampunk Rally review

This week we finally get back into the groove of things with a review of Steampunk Rally! We also had a special guest host help us out this week and it was a blast working with Lilly on this review. I hope that we will get to see her come […]